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Shoots can take place at any location of your choice and are not limited in time, but usually about 60-90 minutes is perfect.  Feedings, sleeps, or shyness, are never an issue.  Sessions should be anywhere that feels natural for you and lets your personalities shine through.  A favorite park or the beach are always beautiful, but your home always brings out the best – you and your little one will feel cozy and comfortable.

Great opportunities exist at all stages and ages.  For babies, the first two weeks are great to capture all that newborn loveliness.  After about three months, the smiles are precious.  The curiosity at six months is wonderful.  And the first steps at around a year are meant to be saved forever!  Whatever the age, even precocious preteens and grand graduates, they are all fun subjects that I enjoy getting to know through the lens of the camera!

These packages are based on my most popular options.
Custom sessions & packages are always available upon request.

  A stylist/hair/makeup -you may bring your own artist, do your own, or one will be available.
Add half hour for men, one hour for women, artist will stay through your session to ensure you look your best!

Stylist for wardrobe: $75
Stylist for hair and make-up: $75

Summer 2015

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