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“If you haven’t seautism-ribbon-lgen already, I’m a mom of an amazing little guy with autism. While so much of our life revolves around autism, I also want everyone to see just how much like everyone else we are. I like to show the happiness and giggles, the triumphs over huge challenges, and most of all the personalities and beautiful faces that live with autism. So with that in mind, I am working on a project called, THISisAutismTM: Life Through The Other LensTM. ”

“My eleven year old son, Charlie, was diagnosed with autism before his second birthday. To me, Charlie is everything in my life, my best little friend, and perfect! Early on in the autism journey, I would talk about my son and autism, and people immediately put that label on him, then identifying him with anything attributed to that label. I felt it already boxed him in. It hurt me to think that each individual with an autism spectrum diagnoses was already limited in people’s minds. When discussing a child on the autism spectrum, people say “this child is autistic.” It’s just easier to say. And most accepted. When I talk about my child, or my child’s classmate, or friend also on the spectrum, I say, “He is funny, he is empathetic, he is sweet, he is a goof-ball and a flirt, he loves basketball, and music, he adores his grandfather… and he has autism.” I want people to know our children for who they are as individuals first, people, children with souls and hearts. Not for their biggest struggle.”

Capitalizing on her unique experience on all sides of the camera, as a model, as a client, editor, and as photographer, Kristina understands exactly what goes into a photo. While photographing children, she puts kiddos at ease, pulling out their best expressions naturally.  Years of behavioral training and simply living alongside autism has provided invaluable knowledge and endless patience.  Kristina has a knack for entering the child‘s world, not asking a child to pose, but capturing that split-second of sparkle, wonder and awe, in a child’s face, truly sharing what makes each individual child shine!


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“Because I am a photographer and one of my biggest circles is the autism community, I became the photographer of so many kiddos on the spectrum. I believe I have a knack for entering their world for a few minutes, I do that for all children! I prefer not to make them pose, per say, but more see what they bring me to. And this really works for kids with autism. I always then see a spark in their faces, a twinkle in their eyes, a joy come across them! This is what I love to capture! This is what I think makes that child shine and makes their parents love their photos; that smile or expression that they can’t easily capture on camera or explain to others. I love those precious faces and personalities. …THIS is Autism! I found myself saying every time I showed one of those photos. Forget the diets, the debates, the controversies, even the therapies for a bit, let’s see who this beautiful child is as a little person… THIS is Autism!

Help Kristina celebrate the simple joys, the twinkles in eyes,  and the huge triumphs over enormous challenges with her current book project,  THIS is Autism™,  Life Through the Other Lens™, designed to help broaden the world’s view of what it means to have and live with autism. Kristina is a funny and insightful writer on her experience as a mom of a little boy, who is ‘the coolest kid there is.’ Kristina wrote, “Our children with autism hear more intensely, feel more intensely, and our parenting is also then more intense.” Kristina is a strong voice for what it means to parent a child on the spectrum, and her humor and positive outlook shine through in her writing. She is excited about sharing in her son’s achievements and helping others find theirs. Be part of this hugely positive and uplifitng book now with your next photoshoot!


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Summer 2018